Gear Drive Selection
The Following Information Should Be Supplied When Ordering Gear

Model number and ration (input to output speed). Thrust requirements, rotation, horsepower requirements and pump head shaft size. (We define the ratio as the ratio of the horizontal input RPM to the vertical output RPM.) EXAMPLE: A 2:3 ratio gear drive operating at 1760 RPM output would have 1173 RPM input.

ROTATION: Shown below are four possible rotations. Number 1 is considered standard. Unless noted differently, the drive will be manufactured to this configuration. Numbers 2, 3 and 4 are special rotations and are manufactured when specifically requested.



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Randolph Gear Drive Catalog
Table 1 -- Minimum Thrust Requirements For Standard Bearing Arrangement   Table 8 -- Dimensions Combination Drives
Table 2 -- Horsepower and Thrust Bearing Ratings   Model G200A Gear Drive
Table 3 -- Dimensions   Model P20A Gear Drive
Table 4 -- Ratio & Input Speed (RPM)   Typical Lubricants
Table 5 -- Horsepower & Thrust Ratings   Standard Clutch Dimensions
Table 6 -- Dimensions Table    
Table 7 -- Propeller Pump Drives   JULY 5, 2021 - Price Sheet
*Prices Subject to Change Without Notice